About GGateway

About us

GGateway is an Information Technology Outsourcing women-led impact business, established in 2015. GGateway has an innovative model that transforms youth lives by capacity building and creating employment opportunities in IT outsourcing. With a successful business model and reliable operation, GGateway is a regional outsourcing hub supported by World Bank.


GGateway is an innovative women-led impact business that transforms youth lives. Our market-driven professional IT services and learning environment promote Palestine as an international outsourcing destination


GGateway believes that impact business changes human lives, while inspired and empowered youth will change the world. We grow people by growing our business.


Recognised successful Impact outsourcing business in the MENA Region

Contributes in decreasing poverty, support gender equality

Increase the employment of youth and women in specific in tech-related fields

Create qualified ICT tech force in Palestine

Contribute in instituting for strong ICT outsourcing industry from Gaza

Enhance the local economy via the creation of employment and remote working opportunities

Create impact via creating strong employable and well-educated youth


Strategic Directions

Being Innovative & Visionary

Empowering the team

Full commitment & hard work

Process Optimization

Going Green

Have Fun

Listen to clients

Participatory Management

Celebrate collective success


We are innovative and creative, work with high quality, what we do differentiate who we are

We are client-oriented, a happy customer is our goal

We create impact by creating economic opportunities and empowering youth

We are diverse and inclusive, care about people and the community

We are open minded and purposeful team passionate, committed in heart, and mind

We are a learning organization

We act with courage, challenging the status quo, and finding new ways to grow our company and each other

We are eco-friendly