HR admin & Procurement officer

Reema Abu Shaban holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Birzeit University. She has over 15 years of experience, working in different positions, not only in the private but also in the national and international NGO sectors. She has previously worked at MercyCorps, Women Affairs Technical Committee (WATC), DAI-Gaza and the Arab Bank. Reema also contributes to the local community and is a board member of and a volunteer with various local Palestinian organizations. She is the HR Admin & Procurement Officer at GGateway since February 2017.

Reema’s beliefs include helping others and making the most of opportunities, expanding her expertise, contributing to society and learning new skills. She is very committed to the idea of offering the Palestinian youth the opportunity to develop a dignified life and is working very hard with her colleagues at GGateway in order to achieve this goal. With her expansive experience with NGOs and within the private sector, Reema is helping people find their way in Gaza, retaining hope, which in turn reflects positively on their families and communities.