General Support

Refa’at El-Madhoun is a seasoned General Support professional at GGateway, providing reliable and efficient services that keep the office running smoothly. With a decade’s worth of experience working for international organizations, his competencies extend to host duties and storekeeping, making him a versatile asset to the team.

Prior to his role at GGateway, Refa’at spent 10 years honing his skills in various international organizations, performing as a gracious host and a meticulous storekeeper. His wide-ranging experience equipped him with the knowledge and skills to oversee all office needs with efficiency and precision.

In his current role, Refa’at’s thorough understanding of administrative duties, coupled with his strong organizational skills, ensures that GGateway’s operations are carried out smoothly and effectively. His ability to manage multiple tasks with ease, precision, and a positive attitude greatly contributes to the overall productivity and harmony of the GGateway team.