Capacity Building Coordinator

Bodor El-Farra, a Computer Systems Engineer from Al Azhar University in Gaza, serves as a dynamic and results-driven Capacity Building Coordinator at GGateway. With a proven track record spanning over four years, Bodor’s expertise lies in career development coaching and facilitation.

In her role, Bodor empowers individuals to realize their full potential through personalized career guidance and support. Known for her ability to create engaging learning experiences, she facilitates workshops aimed at driving career growth. Her strategic approach to developing GGateway’s human resources ensures they are adaptable, employable, and equipped to meet the demands of both local and regional markets.

Bodor’s commitment to helping individuals build their capacity for success and achieve their career goals is unwavering. Her dedication to aligning with GGateway’s vision, fostering career development, and contributing to the organization’s success makes her an invaluable asset to the team.