HR Assistant

Amal Kharma serves as the HR Assistant at GGateway, where she offers critical support to the Human Resources team and provides comprehensive administrative aid across all departmental activities.

Amal earned her Bachelor’s degree in English Business Administration in 2015 from Al Azhar University. Her career trajectory includes four years of experience in the customer-centric fields of sales and customer care at Jawwal. This tenure has equipped her with robust public relations skills, alongside an impressive capacity for organization, making her a vital asset to the GGateway team.

Possessing a keen ability to multitask while maintaining meticulous attention to detail, Amal ensures that GGateway’s human resources operations run smoothly and effectively. Her unwavering dedication and professional acumen contribute significantly to the overall efficiency of the organization, further enhancing GGateway’s capacity to make a profound impact in the field of Information Technology Outsourcing.