Meet Naheel Al-Masharawi’s Story. She Is One of The Graduates of The Basque Project 3.

I’ve always waited for the moment of graduation, to dress up the graduation gown and celebrate the joy of success with my family. I lived that moment and graduated from the IT College of the Islamic University. At the same time, that longing was accompanied by a sense of fear that was hovering around my thoughts. I was worried about my fate after graduation, as the status quo of Gaza has been hard.

GGATEWAY granted me a golden opportunity to join the freelancing training course, get to know the magical world of online freelancing. It was a strong starting point for me, and was a big turning point in my life. I changed the way I consider life. I met new people. My dreams changed and grew big. I learned that nothing in life is impossible, and the one shouldn’t say I can’t, but I can do it and I will reach my goal and I will be featured among my peers.

I learned WordPress programming. At first, I designed a classified ad website, and it was a great achievement for me. I faced many challenges, difficulties, despair and frustration. However, I was strong and overcame all those obstacles. My dream is to build a specialized software company, made up of a unique programmers’ team, and that is not impossible. We grow up and our dreams grow with us.