GGateway’s 6-month Software Quality Assurance Bootcamp

Launched in October 2021, GGateway’s 6-month Software Quality Assurance boot camp was completed in March 2022. The bootcamp was part of the Long-term Training and Hiring Program for tech majors, aimed at significantly boosting skills in a short space of time. 


We developed this bootcamp in response to the rapid changes in the field of software quality brought on by the constant inflow of new technologies. The goal of this training was to provide IT professionals with industry best practices, allowing them to ensure that their work adheres to global standards and that they can adapt to an ever-changing technology landscape.


The program targeted 15 junior and mid-level graduates in IT to gain new skills in the field and accelerate their careers, particularly in Software Quality Assurance methods and relevant career development strategies.


Thanks to the skills learned in this bootcamp, 73% of graduates obtained long-term employment after the training, either within GGateway’s Business Operations, private sector companies in Palestine, through our Outsourcing Program, or with other remote clients across the globe. The remaining graduates continue to receive career development guidance and learning opportunities, to help them become successfully employed in the industry. 


This programme is one of many activities supported by the World Bank through their Innovation Private Sector Development program (IPSD), and is helping GGateway to expand as a leading, regional outsourcing hub.