Yehia Zeidan
Yehia Zeidan was a trainee with GGateway’s Short-term Training and Hiring Program, who is specializing in Translation and Content Writing.

I could not be prouder of the great leap of development in my technical and personal skills, and I am really thankful for this great workplace.

In August 2021, all Cohort 2 trainees of the Short-term training and hiring program participated in a competition to present their different achievements in both training projects and jobs secured on freelancing platforms.

This competition served as a major stepping stone during and after the training program. Being among a group of elite freelancers left me no option but to bend over backwards and exert a lot of effort and perseverance to get to the top.

I completed the training with earnings of more than US$8,000 throughout the program period, leaving me with a profound sense of belonging to the place, time, and people.