Tasneem Jehad Abdelhadi
Tasneem Jehad Abdelhadi is a trainee with GGateway’s Short-term Training and Hiring Program, who is specializing in Translation and Content Writing.

Doing this training contributed greatly to my transformation from a miserable graduate who had lost her aspirations, to a diligent and ambitious person who bears all pressure with an open heart. I hope that GGateway’s training can also be the turning point in the life of every graduate who finds and strives to reach this path.

I am Tasneem Jehad Abdelhadi, an English graduate of the Islamic University of Gaza. I am from Khan Younis Camp in the Gaza Strip. I am a mother of three children, the youngest just four years old. I graduated in 2017, and unfortunately, I had not had any job opportunities up to this point, despite my high GPA and applying for many jobs.

I have experienced societal frustration at my passion, love, and curiosity to learn and work, and many have pointed the finger of blame, asking why all this insistence on work, and telling me it is better to take care of your home and your children. This has only increased my determination to change society’s views on the role of women as being limited to her home, husband, and children, and that her testimony is just ink on paper.

After being accepted into GGateway’s training program, I have learned a lot from the best trainers in well-equipped offices, and I appreciate the gentle and ethical manner in which they deal with us as trainees. In addition, the family-friendly atmosphere means I don’t hesitate even for a moment to attend all lectures, especially because there are thousands of graduates who are dreaming about sitting on our seats and reaping what our trainers sow, even if it is at their own expense.