Learn about Tasneem Dahlan’s success story and how she became a qualified trainer in the field of online freelancing.

“My name is Tasneem Dahalan. I graduated from the Faculty of Information Technology from the Islamic University. My beginning in training was simple, when I gave small-scale lectures to some groups, such as Photoshop training. I had challenged myself that I would be capable to train in the field of online freelancing.

I had previous work experience as freelancer, but I did not have the practical experience of training in this area. I heard about a program to train trainers in the field of online freelancing, and frankly I did not have the confidence to train in that area. I thought they needed a very experienced freelancers. However, I applied for enrollment, and I have been trained on how to be a freelancing trainer and how to build a training course, not only in the field of online freelancing, but also in any other field.

After completing the course, I trained about 80 beginner trainees in the field of freelancing, distributed into groups. In the first training, I met some obstacles, but then things became easier. Most of the trainees got jobs on freelancing platforms and some others got long-term contracts. After I finished training at GGATEWAY, I got many opportunities for freelancing training, such as in PICTI and the Engineers Syndicate, and I became well known in this field.

Training in MEPI project helped me meet many people, and benefit in many ways, personally and professionally. My career’s future has become brighter and clearer, and my motto in life will always remain “Leave a good impression behind wherever you go.”