Success Stories

Muhammad Abu Ameera

Abu Ameera’s Success Story on Freelancing

How to take the very first step in online freelancing? Muhammad Abu Ameera talks about the hindrances he met during his journey towards being a successful freelancer and how he managed to overcome them.

Many job seekers have a lot of questions booming in their minds regarding work via the Internet, such as, “Is it a suitable area for my technical and soft skills? Do I have the needed skills that make me efficient to access this world? Why should I trust these online platforms? How will I deal with people I have never met before? How can I trust them? How will I get my receivables from clients?” And other such questions.

Above all, the most of what Mohammad was thinking about, after specializing in graphic design, was how to get the first job opportunity. He says, “I had a lot of frustrations at the beginning, to the extent that I had done designs (samples) for virtual clients in the hope of getting a project. However, I lacked the adequate trust in my skills, I was very persistent to prove myself.”

“I started enrolling in courses to develop my skills and interests in the field of freelancing, after many of my friends have advised me to go into this world that will be the threshold towards building up career and honing and bolstering my skills,” Muhammad says, “I was very enthusiastic, because soon I would become freelancer, and have many overseas clients, via social media and freelancing platforms. I always drew this picture in my mind to keep my enthusiasm kindled.”

“I joined the freelancing course at Gaza Gateway Social Enterprise, and after the completion of training course hours, I decided to promote my presence on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, to build up my own community of clients and designers,” Muhammad added, “I started publishing my portfolio of completed projects on social media, and, thanks to God, I got my first project on Twitter, it was a logo design for $ 80. At that stage, this project was one of the greatest achievements for me, I felt that my efforts had not gone fruitless. At the end of the project, I asked the client: “How did you find my profile?” He replied: “I was looking for designers in the Twitter search box and I found your account. I had a look at your works and liked your taste in design.”

“Use as many hashtags relevant to your skills as possible, to increase your account traffic on Twitter search engine”, Muhammad advises freelancers.  

Muhammad says featuring GGateway “The simplest of my dreams was to find a suitable job, to prove myself, to build my future up and to create my independent personality in everything. GGateway helped me achieve what I wanted and aspired to, where I found the appropriate working environment with all facilities, for instance, fast Internet and uninterruptible electricity” and added, “The most useful thing I’ve learned during free incubation period at GGateway’s GHub, was getting aware of the specifics of online freelancing,” he said, “I do not forget when my first proposal was approved on Mostaqil freelancing platform after submitting several project proposals. After I completed the project, the client told me that I was one of the best freelancers he had ever dealt with. Although the work was not materially worthwhile, its moral value was greater as after my first job, I got more projects through Mostaqil.”

As for the reasons that prompted him to be a freelancer Muhammad elaborates, “The most important thing that made me insist on proceeding in freelancing filed was the economic situation of Gaza in particular. The vast majority of people attributes their problems to what is going on in Gaza, in particular, the lack of employment opportunities. For me, I have a permanent conviction that a person can reach his goal as long as you do not attribute your problems to flimsy arguments and as long as you do not put obstacles before yourself, which are mere illusions you draw to stay relaxed inside your comfort zone and to be satisfied with the status quo. From my experience, I found that the world of freelancing is capable of eliminating the problem of unemployment.”

For everyone who wants to enter this world, but has no idea how to start, or faces problems or obstacles that prevent him from stepping in this world, Muhammad advises: “Firstly, you should master your skill significantly, invest in yourself and develop your skills and abilities. Secondly, ask people who work in your major, and never be ashamed of asking, because if you do not ask you will remain ignorant, no matter how simple your questions are, always ask.Thirdly, stay updated of all the opportunities available by interested parties in this area such as GGateway and other institutions. Fourthly, all young men and women of IT majors should become familiar with the field of freelancing since the beginning of their university life. It is a great area that allows you to learn about many cultures, develop your personality and become a professional person by providing new values and expertise to your academic and professional life.  Finally, keep trying and never pause, until you reach your goal.

Naheel is a Word Press developer freelancer

Naheel’s story

Naheel is one of the graduates of the basque project 3.

“I’ve always waited for the moment of graduation, to dress up the graduation gown and celebrate the joy of success with my family. I lived that moment and graduated from the IT College of the Islamic University. At the same time, that longing was accompanied by a sense of fear that was hovering around my thoughts.”

“I was worried about my fate after graduation, as the status quo of Gaza has been hard. GGATEWAY granted me a golden opportunity to join the freelancing training course, get to know the magical world of online freelancing. It was a strong starting point for me, and was a big turning point in my life. I changed the way I consider life. I met new people. My dreams changed and grew big.”

“I learned that nothing in life is impossible, and the one shouldn’t say I can’t, but I can do it and I will reach my goal and I will be featured among my peers.”

“I learned WordPress programming. At first, I designed a classified ads site, and it was a great achievement for me. I faced many challenges, difficulties, despair and frustration. However, I was strong and overcame all those obstacles. My dream is to build a specialized software company, made up of a unique programmers’ team, and that is not impossible. We grow up and our dreams grow with us.”

Naheel Almashharawi, Basque Project 3.

Abedelrahman Almasri story

Abdelrahman Almasri Story

My name is Abdelrahman Almasri. I am a Computer Systems Engineer, graduated from Palestine Technical College. During my academic trip, I had a feeling that I would not be employed in my field in the future. At that time I had been working for Civil Society Institutions for a while.
I reached my fifth year at the university, and among the subjects I studied then was a subject named (WEB), I loved that subject and found our work as engineers would be funnier than working for Civil Society Institutions. Therefore, I decided to study that subject hard and well.

Four days after graduation, I had enrolled in an online freelancing course conducted at GGATEWAY, and funded by The U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). After two weeks from the internship, I had been hired as a designer and web programmer, and that was my first job at Freelancer.

My trainer was Rola Zaqout. She was giving us hope all the time, and kept up with our progress from A to Z. Honestly she was one of the best trainer I’ve ever met.

I remained incubated at GGateway until the end of October, then I was hired as staff member at the digitization project. In January, 2018, a number of job interviews for different functional titles were conducted, I was successfully interviewed for Quality Assurance. I have been employed and I am now working under this title.

Sara Almasri

Freelancing Trainee

Sara, one of our trainees in the MEPI funded freelancing training program has successfully completed her first job on Mostaql freelancing platform, and received a five-stars rating from her client for her excellent performance and professionalism.

Feras is one hosted freelancers

Feras Alsouri

Freelancing Trainee

Feras was one of our freelancing trainees in the MEPI funded Youth Empowerment through Online Freelancing and Remote Employment in Gaza Project. Within less than a month of the training he successfully managed to get his first 3 clients through, one of the biggest and most competitive global online freelancing platforms.

Feras mainly specializes in Web Development, and during the training he was very keen to learn how he can use his technical skills to make money through online freelancing.

Feras is currently hosted at GGateway co-working space (GHub) for three months, where he will spend the timing working on his freelancing profile and technical skills with the help of a group of technical and business mentors.