Success Stories

Abdel-Rahman Al-Masri

is a Computer Systems Engineer, graduated from Palestine Technical College. During my academic trip, I had a feeling that I would not be employed in my field in the future. At that time I had been working for Civil Society Institutions for a while.                                              .

I reached my fifth year at the university, and among the subjects I studied then was a subject named (Web Development), I loved that subject and found our work as engineers would be funnier than working for Civil Society Institutions. Therefore, I decided to study that subject hard and well.

Four days after graduation, I had enrolled in an online freelancing course conducted at GGATEWAY, and funded by The U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). After two weeks from the training sessions, I had been hired as a designer and web programmer, and that was my first job at Freelancer. My trainer was Rola Zaqout. She was giving us hope all the time, and kept up with our progress from A to Z. Honestly she was one of the best trainer I’ve ever met.

I remained incubated at the institution until the end of October, then I was hired as staff member at the digitization project.  In January, 2018, a number of job interviews for positions were conducted, I was successfully interviewed for Quality Assurance. I have been employed and I am now working under this title.

Heba Abu Shaar

in Getting Customers in The Field of Graphic Design.

Heba Abu Shaar, a graduate of Gaza Technical College (GTC), tells about her success story:

“After graduation, I didn’t get a job, so I joined a training course conducted at GGATEWAY, and funded by The U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). The course lasted for a week, in the field of online freelancing. I was able to create accounts on freelancing platforms such as and Freelancer, and
in a short time, I was able to get long-term clients from abroad.

During the training course I gained a lot of experience on how to deal with customers and how to be tactful with them, which broke my fear barrier in talking to customers from abroad.  The training environment was encouraging to benefit and share experiences with others.                                                 .
Recently, I have networked with a customer from Oman, the first project I got was a logo for a company, and there was satisfaction with the quality of the work I provided, and then asked me to design a complete profile for the company. Now I am working with him on a long-term contract.

I aspire to learn UX/UI design, because there is a huge demand for this field in the market.


“Marram was one of the most featured trainees in my group,” this how the trainer Tasneem Dahalan started her conversation with me, who are going to tell us about Marram’s success story and how she got a job at a Gulf company for outsourcing.

“Maram was still a student at Al-Azhar University when she joined my group. Most of her colleagues were university students and despite her preoccupation with university lectures, she was always attending the course. She was very interested in learning and was always asking about everything. She even started to prepare her own profiles on freelancing platforms before the course started, and she was enrolled in more than one course at the same time to develop herself.

There was a career opportunity for a graphic designer in the company in which I work. I nominated her, and she had a fantastic touch in design, especially in the designs of social-media posts. She passed the interview and became a part-time employee at the company”                                                                                                                                .

The main point I want to focus on here is that skill is the basis of everything. Maram mastered the skill of graphic design even though she is not a graduate, and her study has nothing to do with the skill she possesses.

Meet Naheel Al-Masharawi’s

Meet Naheel Al-Masharawi’s Story. She Is One of The Graduates of The Basque Project 3.

I’ve always waited for the moment of graduation, to dress up the graduation gown and celebrate the joy of success with my family. I lived that moment and graduated from the IT College of the Islamic University. At the same time, that longing was accompanied by a sense of fear that was hovering around my thoughts. I was worried about my fate after graduation, as the status quo of Gaza has been hard.

GGATEWAY granted me a golden opportunity to join the freelancing training course, get to know the magical world of online freelancing. It was a strong starting point for me, and was a big turning point in my life. I changed the way I consider life. I met new people. My dreams changed and grew big. I learned that nothing in life is impossible, and the one shouldn’t say I can’t, but I can do it and I will reach my goal and I will be featured among my peers.

I learned WordPress programming. At first, I designed a classified ad website, and it was a great achievement for me. I faced many challenges, difficulties, despair and frustration. However, I was strong and overcame all those obstacles. My dream is to build a specialized software company, made up of a unique programmers’ team, and that is not impossible. We grow up and our dreams grow with us.

Rola Nabulsi

Meet Rola Nabulsi’s story, and how she got a job opportunity at GGATEWAY.

“My name is Rola Nabulsi, an IT graduate, specializing in software development from the Islamic University. My undergraduate studies were mostly theoretical, and before graduating with a semester, I was trained in one of the big companies in Gaza. I realized then that there was a big gap between university and job market. For example, I knew the names of the programming languages, but I did have no idea on what are the most commonly used languages in the job market.

I had a clear image of the software field that I will to and after graduation I got more than one job opportunity, some of them in the field of software development and some are far from the field of software. I found an ad for a training course in the field of ASP.NET MVC, conducted at GGATEWAY and funded by Basque Development Agency. Fortunately, I was chosen to be one of the trainees, and I benefited from the course on different levels. On the personal level, I was trained on job skills, and my personality has become stronger in terms of participation in activities and communication with others. On the technical level, I learned ASP.NET MVC from scratch, and by the end of the training program, the first full-scale project was carried out by myself using ASP.NET MVC language.

GGATEWAY is an excellent environment for training and work, and as I was featured during the training course I got a one year work offer from GGATEWAY, in the Database Management project. Finally, I say that a person should spare no efforts in order to achieve his goals.

Tasneem Dahlan

Learn about Tasneem Dahlan’s success story and how she became a qualified   trainer in the field of online freelancing.

“My name is Tasneem Dahalan. I graduated from the Faculty of Information Technology from the Islamic University. My beginning in training was simple, when I gave small-scale lectures to some groups, such as Photoshop training. I had challenged myself that I would be capable to train in the field of online freelancing.

I had previous work experience as freelancer, but I did not have the practical experience of training in this area. I heard about a program to train trainers in the field of online freelancing, and frankly I did not have the confidence to train in that area. I thought they needed a very experienced freelancers. However, I applied for enrollment, and I have been trained on how to be a freelancing trainer and how to build a training course, not only in the field of online freelancing, but also in any other field.

After completing the course, I trained about 80 beginner trainees in the field of freelancing, distributed into groups. In the first training, I met some obstacles, but then things became easier. Most of the trainees got jobs on freelancing platforms and some others got long-term contracts. After I finished training at GGATEWAY, I got many opportunities for freelancing training, such as in PICTI and the Engineers Syndicate, and I became well known in this field.

Training in MEPI project helped me meet many people, and benefit in many ways, personally and professionally. My career’s future has become brighter and clearer, and my motto in life will always remain “Leave a good impression behind wherever you go.”