– 5 weeks of comprehensive training opportunities for 45 ICT female recent graduates in ICT technical topics and employability skills. The training followed with job opportunities for at least 50% of the trainees.
– 4 weeks of freelancing and employability training opportunities for 15 recent ICT female graduates. The training followed with 3 months of hosting inside GHub in GGateway.

Basque IV for Building Women Capacity of Workforce (Oct 2017-Oct 2018)
– Forming a standard 2-month Building Capacity Employability Curriculum for GGateway Outsourcing Services along with the needed resources.
– Forming a standard 3-week Building Capacity Curriculum for GGateway Freelancing Services.
– Establishing GGateway Building Capacity Lab and Resources
– 30 newly ICT graduated women refugees received a total of two months Building Capacity Program using the new curriculum and resources to be qualified for service delivery
– 7 female ICT graduates are employed by GG and received on-the-job training
– 30 females with professional ICT Skills will have a 3-week freelancing training
– 30 female ICT freelancers are hosted at GGateway for three months and have at least one remote employment paid opportunity