Gaza- 1/2/2023- The Palestinian Minister of National Economy, Mr. Khaled Al-Osaily, carried out an inspection visit to a number of projects supported by the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy in the Gaza strip. During his visit, the Minister reviewed GGateway’s work methodology in the “Information Technology Projects in the Gaza Strip.” The project received a financial grant funded by the World Bank as part of the Ministry’s programs. The aim of the grant was to establish a business model specifically designed for preparing programs and projects that reduce unemployment among the youth in the Gaza Strip.

The Minister, The Head of the Minister’s Office and the Director General of International Relations Suha Awadallah inspected the plans, projects and training programs being implemented. They also listened to a number of remarkable success stories from the beneficiaries who had received training in technical fields. The Minister emphasized the importance of GGateway’s work in reducing unemployment and creating sustainable job opportunities in the field of information technology. He expressed his admiration and support for the work being carried out by GGateway and the outstanding academic and professional level of the graduates from the training programs.

GGateway CEO, Bassma Ali, stressed the significance of the support that contributed to increasing the value of business contracts with GGateway, encompassing both long-term and short-term contracts, to reach 1.3 million dollars since the initiation of the support for the innovative private sector development project. She highlighted the results achieved from this project, in which 396 trainees benefited from the market-oriented training, in addition to the development of the company’s hiring program which facilitates the recruitment process and enhances connections with regional and international private businesses.

As for their part, the beneficiaries emphasized the importance of the program’s sustainability in empowering start-up companies to persistently thrive and integrate effectively into the national economy.