• GGateway has designed and piloted digital tools for participatory Camp urban planning process as following:
    • Developing and using multiple tools for quantitative and qualitative data collection.
    • Developing Web application for community engagement where it is possible to share progress, updates on plans, and allow community interactions on the different feeds/plans.
    • Prepare Camps’ households data sets and send to GIS unit to produce social maps for the camps, and visualize demographic and socio-economic key indicators.
    • Data analysis tools for data sets and reporting forums for Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  • For Women’s Rights Organizations,   GGateway has designed and developed the following:
    • A mobile online application works as a platform for women and youth human rights. The application was used by different women organization to disseminate human right awareness.
    • An online consultation, and case management model system for Gender-Based-Violence (GBV) cases to support GBV cases, track and map beneficiaries’ experience in the referral system.


The developed tools and applications are actively used by the clients in life projects.  Two of them are currently expanded to be used by multiple stakeholders in the community.