Abdullah Al-Sahar
Abdullah Al-Sahar was a trainee in GGateway’s Long-term Training and Hiring Program, and a beneficiary of the Outsourcing Program.

The presence of mentors and knowledge sources that I was already familiar with, as well as my coworkers with whom I shared experiences, contributed greatly to me producing good results. Thank you to GGateway, which helped me to make a fresh start and also supported me to help others to do so.

I am Abdullah Al-Sahar. I worked in many fields of freelancing before joining GGateway, including frontend and back-end web development, and mobile app development. I knew about GGateway through following their social media channels, and I thought it was only for training.

But one day I saw an announcement that they were looking to hire and outsource those who had good skills in back-end web development. I applied and got a one-year job opportunity after I received training in the newly indemand field of SalesForce Commerce Cloud (SFCC). Before the GGateway opportunity came along, I had faced many difficulties while I was working as a freelancer, where I had to work on anything I could in order to earn income. But now, I credit GGateway with clarifying many things for me relating to my work as a freelancer – I discovered that I had been getting distracted by trying to master more than one field before joining GGateway, and now I know precisely what I want to work on.

I successfully completed my intensive training with high performance results within one month, a shorter period of time than was expected, which encouraged the outsourcing client to hire me directly as a SalesForce Commerce Developer. During my employment, I joined a team with an international trade site and acquired new knowledge and experience by being assigned different tasks regularly. GGateway supported me in my journey and assigned me a mentor to help me overcome any obstacles I faced during my employment. Although challenging, that job was my first great step towards success. My advice to people who read my story is to surround yourself with successful and experienced people in your field. Cooperation with others was my key to success. Our path is full of difficulties, but we keep moving on with an outstanding spirit to achieve. Thank you to GGateway, which helped me to make a fresh start.