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is a Computer Systems Engineer, graduated from Palestine Technical College.

During my academic trip, I had a feeling that I would not be employed in my field in the future. At that time I had been working for Civil Society Institutions for a while.

I reached my fifth year at the university, and among the subjects I studied then was a subject named (Web Development), I loved that subject and found our work as engineers would be funnier than working for Civil Society Institutions. Therefore, I decided to study that subject hard and well.

Four days after graduation, I had enrolled in an online freelancing course conducted at GGATEWAY, and funded by The U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). After two weeks from the training sessions, I had been hired as a designer and web programmer, and that was my first job at Freelancer. My trainer was Rola Zaqout. She was giving us hope all the time, and kept up with our progress from A to Z. Honestly she was one of the best trainer I’ve ever met.

I remained incubated at the institution until the end of October, then I was hired as staff member at the digitization project.  In January, 2018, a number of job interviews for positions were conducted, I was successfully interviewed for Quality Assurance. I have been employed and I am now working under this title.