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UNDP: E-work Project (2018-2019)

Under Immediate Support to Gazan Resilience through Rapid Employment Project Funded by United Nations Development Program (UNDP). GGateway implemented a 5-weeks training program that targeted 170 graduates, during which beneficiaries were prepared to start working as freelancers.

The training program structure included 2 weeks of technical training, 2 weeks of online freelancing training, and one week of employability skills training. The technical training focused on six main areas (1- WordPress Development, 2- React Native (Mobile), 3- Digital Marketing, 4- Graphic Design, and 5- Translation 6- Web Frontend – Angular JS).


Following to the 5-weeks training program, the top 80 achievers during the training period were hosted inside GGateway’s co-working space (GHub) for three months. During the three months of hosting, beneficiaries received technical and freelancing mentoring from in-house coaches, in addition to specialized career-path counseling. The hosted beneficiaries had access to dedicated workspaces, in addition to online learning resources based on their specific needs.

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