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E-work: Gaza Bridge from Dependency to Production (2020-2022)

GGateway awarded a grant for E-work project ” within the emergency Gaza project – cash for work and support for freelancing implemented by the NGO development Center & funded from the World Bank  in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and Planning, and the Ministry Social Development, the Ministry of Labor and the Palestinian Fund for Employment and Social Protection.The project has two major components to be implemented on 2 rounds (8 months/round):


  1. Youth E-work Empowerment Training: Two months extensive technical & life skills training for 360 beneficiary (age from 18 to 34) in three areas
  2. Technical Skills training
  3. Freelancing Platforms & Employability skills
  4. Freelancing Business Technical Writing in English


  1. Freelancing Hosting Phase:

– 6 months hosting for all 360 beneficiaries in co-working hosting spaces. GGateway  GHUB as co-working space will provides ICT professionals in Gaza with micro work remote employment environment & opportunities through variant services such as IT infrastructure, office space, HR Management, client & payment management services & match marketing services .

Following to the 5-weeks training program, the top 80 achievers during the training period were hosted inside GGateway’s co-working space (GHub) for three months. During the three months of hosting, beneficiaries received technical and freelancing mentoring from in-house coaches, in addition to specialized career-path counseling. The hosted beneficiaries had access to dedicated workspaces, in addition to online learning resources based on their specific needs.

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