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Basque IV- Empowering ICT female graduates (Freelancing & Outsourcing) (2017)


The Technical Training opportunities for ICT female Graduates are implemented with generous contribution from “Basque Agency for Development cooperation” to respond to the female ICT graduates’ unemployment rate by providing a comprehensive capacity building trainings that respond to the IT graduates’ need in order to be employable in the IT outsourcing and freelancing markets to strengthen the female refugee capabilities to increase and enhance their livelihood opportunities.


Activity 1 – Forming a comprehensive Building Capacity Curriculum for GGateway services (Outsourcing and Freelancing)

GGateway formed one comprehensive employability curriculum and two technical curriculums each material covers a one month training.


Activity 2- Establishing GGateway Building Capacity Lab and related resources:

GGateway established a fully equipped, well-furnished and user-friendly computer lab (building capacity unit). Computer lab was fully equipped with required resources to service training needs. The Computer lab had been opened to Basque IV graduates from 8:00AM–4:00PM along the project implementation even after the end of the training.


Activity 3 – Provision of Building Capacity Program for Outsourcing Business to female ICT graduates

Based on the results of the selection process, 29 ICT female graduates started the building capacity training program that included three components divided as follows:  22 days Technical Training, 11 days employability training, 11 days English Language training

Trainees were required to enhance their skills through LinkedIn online learning platform using their licenses & to submit their certification of accomplishment to the online training courses attended.


Activity 4: GHUB training and hosting opportunities

Based on the GHUB freelancing training output of Basque III and its proven potential in creating job opportunities, generating income and solving the unemployment problem between the ICT Graduates in Gaza. GGateway double the number of GHUB freelancing from 15 to 30.

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